Environmentally friendly electric boats with integrated sun panels, delivered from Kokkola to any location in Finland!

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JR-Boats Oy is a company specialised in boat construction, which produces and sells catamaran boats. Nowadays, alongside motor boats one can often consider another option, a safe and responsible electric boat. Our office is in Kokkola, but our products can be delivered throughout Finland. Our Wide boats, of our own design, make boating accessible to everyone thanks to their simplicity, affordability and versatility.  

JR-Boats Wide boats are 4,4 metres long and ca. 2,2 metres wide and are suitable for leisure, work and fishing purposes. They can be used throughout the entire year. In winter, the boat can transform into an ice fishing hut by adding an ice fishing tent and a drawbar for a snowmobile. There are two ice fishing holes on the bottom of every boat. The boat's battery system also makes it possible to add lighting, heating and even to brew a nice pot of coffee while you're fishin

Environmentally friendly Wide-E electric boat ideology consists in being:

  • responsibile
  • safe
  • ecological
  • economically efficient
  • easy to use
  • noise free
  • odourless

An electric boat is a pleasant alternative for a motor boat

JR-boats offers an ecological way to enjoy motor boating and an incredible experience of spending time on water for all the senses. For the hearing, we offer a gentle cat-like purr of the electric engine, the ripple of the waves and the singing of the summer birds. For the sense of smell, we bring you the scent of the sea, the lake and the water lilies.

Your sense of touch will perceive the waves as a gentle rocking, as the catamaran structure of the boat has the capacity of breaking the waves and stabilising the vessel. For the sense of sight, the smooth lines and the accurately designed form of the boat guarantees a relaxing view. And finally, I would pamper your sense of taste by enjoying a glass of bubbly at the end of the boat trip, and I would congratulate you, the happy owner of the ecological JR-Boats product.

The story of JR-Boats Oy told by its owner

The story of JR-Boats Oy began in Särkänniemi amusement park in the summer of 2015. I noticed a long line of children queueing to access the Magic River, where small boats floated slowly and silently with the flow. I wondered whether these kids really didn't have the possibility to go boating, because for me and my kids boating was an essential part of every summer. I thought that maybe all the parents didn't have the skill, the will or the means to invest in expensive and difficult motorboats. I thought that there should be a safe, easy and economic solution. And this is how the designing and the development of the Wide-E electric boat began. 

The first criteria was safety, so a catamaran structure was the only right solution, as it gives stability to the boat. The boat being easy to use was also essential. An electric engine is maintenance free, silent, ecological, odourless and, most of all, much easier to use than a petrol enginge. you can learn to navigate the boat in mere minutes even if you have never set  foot on a boat before. From a good idea we have developed a functional business. Now we are an active company and our products are available in Kokkola and also the rest of Finland.

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