We repair stranded boats and provide maintenance at our Kokkola office

Come visit us and order your own!

JR-Boats Oy is a company specialised in boats and an expert in boating. The idea for the business originated from its owner's desire to make boating available to everyone. This is how the planning began at the Kokkola office, and today we sell boats all around the country. In the future we plan to also expand abroad. As an expert in boating we also offer repair services and maintenance for all kinds of boats. Contact us if, for example, your stranded boat needs repairing or just a new coat of paint.

During our relatively short period of activity in the market, we have managed to make great changes in the field. Boating doesn't need to be expensive or a hobby accessible only for the privileged anymore. Our Wide boats bring boating closer to everyone, thanks to their price and other economical properties. The boats are easy to handle and to control, even if you have absolutely no experience in boating. We think that everyone should have the right to enjoy the beautiful Finnish natural environment and the best of our waterways. You can take a better look at our news section here.

We provide boat maintenance services and repair services with great professional skill, no matter what material the boat is made of. For boats and engines we offer autumn maintenance services for the lowest prices in Kokkola. Stranded boats are surprisingly common and it is always better to control the damage with the help of a professional, so that you can continue boating safely. We handle bottom cleanings, antifouling painting, reparations of gelcoat damages and motor maintenance.

Professional boat maintenance and repairs

As an expert in boats, JR-Boats Oy repairs and offers maintenance for boats with our trusted experience. Everything cannot or does not need to be done alone. We will carefully control your boat, including the motor and the accessories, and according to these controls we will provide an assessment for the necessary actions. A properly and timely maintained boat is safe and it also maintains its value for a longer time. A boat is an investment which you can enjoy more if it is in good condition and works properly. Let's make your boat perfect for the next spring, together! Take a look at the before-and-after pictures below: