JR-Boats delivers Wide electric motorboats from Kokkola to anywhere in Finland

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JR-Boats Oy produces and sells versatile electric boats and motorboats from its head office in Kokkola. The boats are already available everywhere in Finland and in the future we plan to enter the international market.

The Wide boat product family includes catamaran boats with three different accessory packages. On this page you can find the technical details of the boats. Here you can access more information about the history of our company.

Product description of the Wide boats

The design of the catamaran, or the two-hulled boat, has been proven to be the most economically efficient. The boats are manufactured from weather resistant and durable glass fibre. The structure of the boat consists of the hull (bottom) and the deck, which are glued and stapled together. A hollow space is left in between, which makes the boat unsinkable, even when it's fully loaded. The boat is self-draining, so you can forget about the hand bailer.

The boat fulfills all the CE / C criteria, so it is suitable for both inner and coastal waters. The back seats of the boat are modular and equipped with waterproof covers, so you can customize the quantity and the disposition of the seats. Without the seats, the boat has a ca. 6,3 m² floor area.

All year round usage

One of the special features of this boat is the possibility to use it in winter as an ice fishing hut and/or sledge. If you wish, the boat can be provided with two (2) round 235 mm holes on the bottom. The holes serve as ice fishing holes in winter and as a space for the electric engine in summer. The holes can also be covered with hatches.

In the winter-equipped boat there are wide nylon keel strips on the bottom of the pontoons, so the bottom is durable and slides easily on ice. After adding the drawbars for the snowmobile and the ice fishing tent, you will have an ice fishing hut that protects you from wind, rain and cold. The hut can be provided with lighting and heating and it even allows you to brew coffee thanks to the highly durable AGM battery system.

Wide-E Electric boat

The electric boat comes integrated with an electric outboard motor, a battery system, sun panels, a charge controller and an earth current charger. The electric outboard motor is positioned in the boat in such a way that it is more comfortable to maneuver than in rear position. 

Technical details of the electric equipment:
  • Haswing Osapian 55 electric motor without carbon brushes. Propulsion of 12 V. 660 w and 24 kg. The motor won the electric motor test of the Kippari (Skipper)-magazine in 2017, leaving behind, among others, Moto-guide, Minkota and Yamaha.
  • 2 PowerXon AGM 100 Ah -batteries, which go full steam ahead 6 km / h for ca. 4 hours. When the speed is dropped to 4 km / h:n (trolling), the navigation time rises up to 10 hours.
  • 1 SolarXon 140 w and 2 (two) 30 w -sun panels. The 140 w -panel is installed on the front deck of the boat and it can be adjusted to an optimal angle considering the sun. The deck is reinforced in such way that the panel resists walking on it.
  • Victron MPPT 15 A Bluetooth -charge controller. The controller sends the information about the battery charge level, charging power etc. to your phone.
  • Victron 15 A -earth current charger. The sun doesn't always shine and although the multicristalline solar panels charge some energy even when its cloudy, the charger charges the batteries faster.

PRICE: 9490€

Wide-M Motorboat

Wide-M console boat moves steadily, swiftly and without bounces even in case of considerable waves thanks to the steel keel pontoons and well-designed strips.

Technical information:

  • Long shaft Tohatsu MFS20EEPTL outboard motor. Including an electric trimmer, electric starter, remote control equipment and a 15 litre fuel tank.
  • 64 Ah starter battery
  • The navigation console including the windshield,the RST-curved windshield, the steering wheel and the clutch panel.
  • Captain's seat with and adjustable and rotating base.
  • 1 trunk bench for storing the battery and the fuel tank. PRICE: 13490€

Wide-H Metsästysvene


Wide-H metsästysvene on käsityönä kotimaassa rakennettu, asiakkaan toivomilla varusteilla ja värityksellä, kuten muutkin venemallit tehdään.

Hinta. 17990€

Wide-E Super electric boat

  • Torqeedo 2.0 electric outboard motor
  • 2 x Battery Nordmax dual 24V / 110AH / 800EN (2816WH) Lithium
  • Solar panel canopy, 2 x panel 24v / 300w
  • Victron smartsolar charging controller 100 / 30A
  • Victron bluecharger 16A charger

Price 22900€.

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