Catamaran boats from Kokkola delivered all around Finland

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JR-Boats Oy designs, produces and sells Wide catamaran boats. Besides the traditional motorboats we have brought an ecologically friendly, easy and versatile electric boat. There are three models, Wide, Wide-E and Wide-M, which are available with all the accessories and delivered all around Finland from our head office in Kokkola. You can get to know the technical details of the boats here.

The available accessories make the boat extremely versatile for your needs. The boat can be used all year round, as it can be easily transformed in an ice fishing hut. Not only versatile, the Wide electric boats have the advantage of being easy to use and safe. You can learn how to navigate the boat in mere minutes, even if you never had tried boating before. It is also a more economical solution compared to the boats with a traditional petrol fuelled engine.

Price list

  • Wide

    4490 €

  • Wide-E

    7490 €

  • Wide-M

    11490 €

The Wide hull is the same in all the models, the legth being 4,4 m and the width 2,2 m, max. carriage 4 persons / 400 kg

Accessory / price €

  • Console + windshield

    690 €

  • Railings

    885 €

  • Seat cushions

    620 €

  • Bench (100 x 40 x 35 cm)

    169 €

  • Tohatsu MFS20DEPL outboard motor

    2990 €

  • Tohatsu MFS20DEPTL outboard motor with electric trim

    3490 €

  • Ultraflex steering package

    145 €

  • Captain's seat

    385 €

  • Winter accessory package installed

    1249 €


  • Boat/ice fishing tent

    899 €

  • Ice keel strips installed

    199 €

  • Drawbar

    199 €

Accessories make boating more comfortable and versatile

Accessories make boating more pleasant and you can make your  investment usable even all year round with our winter accessory package. One hull can be accessoried in such way that it becomes perfectly suitable for your needs, is an economically efficient and a versatile ensemble. Whether you use your boat for fishing, for leisure or for work, together we can assemble the boat that meets your needs.

Today many prefer electric motors, as their performance and properties have improved a lot in the last years. In use, their biggest difference to petrol engines is theiragility, noiselessness and odourlessness. For many, boating with a catamaran boat equipped with an electric motor is a more pleasant option also considering the environmental factor. 

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